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A global Green New Deal must enshrine people’s right to move – but also their right to stay. Rehman talks about the emergence of the ‘climate refugee’ – and how this narrow definition will help countries in the global north to shirk their obligations to displaced people. Touching on the ideology of eco-fascism and how it permeates “common sense” politics across the divide, Rehman warns of the vast displacement.

Auf dieser Website wird der Koalitionsvertrag in den Rubriken Migrationspolitik, Aussenpolitik, Sozialpolitik, Klimapolitik, Mietenpolitik und Finanzpolitik der Ampel-Regierung zusammengefasst und aus verschiedenen Bewegungsperspektiven kritisch analysiert. Mit vielfältigen Beiträgen und Formaten wird nicht nur Realpolitik in’s Zentrum gestellt.

As a result of climate change, environmental disasters are increasing, vital resources such as water and fertile soil are becoming scarce, and entire regions are turning uninhabitable. Based on this, there is the demand for the recognition of the climate crisis as a reason for migration. On the other hand, activists and migration researchers warn that social and economic factors are made invisible. At the same time, right-wing groups and parties try to instrumentalize “climate migration” for their nationalist ideology and fabricate a threat to Europe by “climate refugees”.