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climate movement

This article has a pracitcal angle to inflation and the current energy(price)crisis. It’s analyzing the two campaigns ‘Enough is Enough’ (Dtl. “Genug ist Genug”) and ‘Don’t Pay UK’. The text elaborates on the two campaigns and explores which climate(justice) demands could complement these two cost-of-living campaigns. This becomes particularly interesting at a moment in time in which Genug ist Genug is gaining momentum in Germany.

In this recording of a panel at the Berlin HAU theatre a number of different perspectives on the climate (justice) movement and the question how to create a climate just future are brought together. In honesty the pannelists discuss the lacking strategy of the movement and potential ways, strategies and tactics for actors to prevent climate crisis hits at its very worst.

Tadzio Müller and Andreas Malm discuss how actors in the climate justice movement in the global north have developed and what’s next.