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Action forms

Inhalt: Reflecting on the Australian history of resistance, the authors identify possible points of intervention for movements around the world. They identify a total of seven points of intervention: production, destruction, consumption, decision, assumption, opportunity and transportation.

Payal Parekh und Carola Rackete sortieren für uns die Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung und ordnen ein. Darauf aufbauend schlagen sie strategische Ansatzpunkte für eine Entwicklung der Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung vor. // Payal Parekh and Carola Rackete analyze the German climate justice movement. Building on that they develop strategic approaches for a development of the movement.

This article is critically exploring on the boundaries and limitations of the fascination for sabotage in the western climate justice movement.

This photo documentary explores the resistance in the German Hambach forest. It has been one of the most iconic and partially also successful forest ocupations in German history and activists often refer to it when they discuss for example a diversity of tactics.

This is an testimonial of an activist in an Ende Gelände action in November 2019 in the Lausitia (eastern mining area in Germany). The author sheds light on the intersectional approach Ende Gelände has in it actions and how it influences their theory as well as practice. It uses its’ experience with EG to reflect upon and criticize XR and XR leadership pinpointing towards urgently needed development within their organizations and actions.