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Titel: Iraq’s Environmental Struggle against Foreign Rapacity and Local Greed

Inhalt: In Iraq the entanglement between global capitalism and climate change are well tangible and destroy local systems of self-substance. In a workshop movement organizing supported by the Movement Hub and facilitated between the Movement School (Bewegungsschule) and local activists in Baghdad (Iraq) in which the author of this article participated the topics mentioned in this article were discussed and partly used as organizing topics. At the forefront of climate discussion is Iraq as one of the most effected countries, however local activists in Iraq warn against adapting an apolitical view supported by the Iraqi government and other players. Rather, we need to understand how drought and water politics of national states are used strategically to grab new land in Iraq´s marsh lands for the oil production and to satisfying the global north’s hunger for oil. Standing now with these local activists is needed from an internationalist global justice movement.

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